Why I’m mad at Scott Weiland

Every once in awhile God puts a group of people together that belong together… for whatever purpose.  For this purpose, it was to musically entertain me. 

I can count those groups of people on one hand.  For me, one of those groups of people was Stone Temple Pilots.

Man …I still get goosebumps when Interstate Love Song starts.  I love to watch the Creep video real close up and by myself.  Crackerman makes me spin around in circles. Trippin on a Hole reminds me of Panama City….and Sour Girl reminds me of the first group on the aforementioned hand.  Stone Temple Pilots just make me feel good.

And for reasons too complicated for me,  Scott is gone. Stone Temple Pilots are gone.  And I know it’s been a few years but, it has been brewing inside of me lately.

I went to one of Scott’s shows on his Blaster tour. I liked it. I mean, it was Scott. I love him.  I love his frontman style.  I love his band.  I also think the Blaster record is above average. I really like it.  But…….

In two weeks I’ll be going to see the Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.  Probably because I love Chester. What I  love is …Chester singing for Linkin Park. 

It’s going to be weird. I have been listening to High Rise trying to get used to that voice paired up with that DeLeo brothers sound.  I just keep thinking, Mike Shinoda is going to be mad when he finds out the DeLeo brothers are writing songs for Linkin Park 😆…..sorry.

So for about the past week, I find myself being mad at Scott.  And I don’t know anything about whose fault anything is but, I choose to be mad at him.  I am mad at him, damn it!  When I listen to Stone Temple Pilots now, it doesn’t feel good. It makes me mad!  I just want my Stone Temple Pilots back.  I’m sure my anger won’t last too long but, while it’s here, I had to let it out.

Thank you Stone Temple Pilots for all your great songs that usually make me feel good.


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